Intents & Purposes

Popmatters Rez reviewed in The Wall Street Journal Rez full feature in Down Beat magazine AudioPhile Audition “The guitarist’s Acoustic Quartet reinterprets jazz-rock tunes of... Read More
February 2015

Continuous Beat

New York Times The jazz guitarist Rez Abbasi has had a recent run of strong and thoughtful albums, inspired by one or another form of... Read More
October 2012

Suno Suno

DownBeat Editors Pick BY FRANK ALKYER When I first listen to a CD, I generally start without reading anything about the recording. If I could,... Read More
December 2011

Natural Selection

“Mr. Abbasi succeeded in making some fairly cerebral intricacies feel intuitive and touched by a higher purpose. “Natural Selection” is an estimable release.” – New... Read More
October 2010

Things to Come

“Things To Come” is a group realization of a very ambitious batch of compositional notions. Abbasi is extremely successful in this pursuit. ” 4 1/2... Read More
September 2010


“Stimulating new music. Is this fusion, soul-jazz, Indian music, post-bop or world fusion? The answer has to be: All of them and none of them.... Read More
September 2010

Snake Charmer

“Abbasi’s adroit soloing and lean, evolving tunes are generated by exceptional reach and a very musical passion.” – The New York Press “Abbasi shows a... Read More
September 2010

Out of Body

“Out Of Body is one of the most refreshing small group recordings in recent memory.” – Planet Jazz “An intricate, unpredictable, and cleanly recorded statement... Read More
September 2010

Modern Memory

” Clever songwriting, total command of his guitar and strong support from a revved up ensemble make for an enjoyable and thoroughly intriguing listening experience.”... Read More
September 2010

Third Ear

“Third Ear is a noteworthy effort from this jazz gunslinger who possesses an insatiable thirst for captivating the listener with his deeply personalized sound, gargantuan... Read More
September 2010
Snake Charmer // Snake Charmer
  1. Snake Charmer // Snake Charmer
  2. Pearl // Snake Charmer
  3. Tantra // Snake Charmer
  4. Motherland // Snake Charmer
  5. Kismet // Snake Charmer
  6. Rumi // Snake Charmer
  7. Blood Orange // Snake Charmer
  8. Thanks for Nothingness // Snake Charmer