02 March 2016


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“Stimulating new music. Is this fusion, soul-jazz, Indian music, post-bop or world fusion? The answer has to be: All of them and none of them. Well worth several listens.” 4 1/2 Stars
– All Music Guide

“Abbasi’s phrasing is chain-motific in the manner of, say, Ornette; he makes unusual connections and resolutions at the termini of his lines, occasionally launching into scorching hyperdrive. He and his genre-busting globe-trotters are doing us all a favor: they’re asking where is the music? And in their attempt to improvise answers for us in a fusion and fission of cultural influences, they challenge us to reconsider our own understandings of “East” and “West”. ”
Thomas H. Greenland, All About Jazz (New York)

“The eight originals on Bazaar are stimulating cultural crossover vehicles that hold interest throughout. This is complex and fascinating world fusion music traversing uncharted territory.” 3.5 Stars out of 4
– Toronto Star

“Bazaar finds the excellent guitarist Rez Abbasi leading a tight combo through a brisk collection of elegantly unfolding Indo-fusion jazz charts. The music is intricate but open-ended and the Indian flavors are refreshingly subtle throughout. There’s plently to chew on here, even after several listens. ”
– Global Rhythm Magazine

“Abbasi’s jazz guitar playing puts him in the upper echelon of modern-day players. Bazaar is full of surprises and constant sound/color shifts that keep you interested even after many listens. The compositions are engaging and catchy and demonstrate once again that Abbasi has a unique perspective on music. ”
– Jazz Improv Magazine

“Abbasi is penning killer compositions such as “You People,” which is as musically rich as it is pensively cool. Bazaar is a heartfelt, provocative, and rewarding platter that just might rehab the once-edgy, now-besmirched image of fusion. Abbasi’s the prime example of what it takes to have a genuinely global sound. ”
– New Times Palm Beach

* * * * 4 Stars
Jazzman Magazine (France)

“Bazaar is a great record-the writing and playing and most of all the concept.”
– David Liebman

“Abbasi provides plenty of musical intrique to amaze even the most seasoned guitar fan.”
– 20th Century Guitar

Rez Abbasi-Django-shift
Anniversary Song // Rez Abbasi - Django-shift
  1. Anniversary Song // Rez Abbasi - Django-shift
  2. Swing 42 // Rez Abbasi - Django-shift