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25 March 2021
Rez Abbasi-Django-shift


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“Abbasi has found an exciting way to present legendary material in an up-to-date style.”
Wall Street Journal

“Abbasi and his colleagues cast Reinhardt’s music in a whole new light… updating it with skill and imagination.”
★★★★ The Jazz Mann

“Abbasi mixes lucidity, sentiment and discord to make the songs his own.”
★★★★ All About Jazz

“The guitarist focuses on Reinh compositional style and melodic sensibility to bring this music into the present.”
★★★★ DownBeat Magazine

“Abbasi can turn just about anything into something special and uniquely his own.”
★★★★ All About Jazz

“An admirable blend of virtuosity and audacity.”
★★★★ 1/2 The Absolute Sound

“Abbasi surprises by giving another twist to the genre…The aural associations are multiple but enticingly hard to place, making for an exhilarating listening experience.”
★★★★★ UK Vibe

“Challenging, rewarding… timbrally unique.”
CD Hotlist

“[Abbasi] is one of the most significant creators of his generation – an exciting listen.”

“[Abbasi] thrusts seven Django originals joyously into the immediate present.”
The Rehearsal Studio

“Strikingly original.”
Fanfare Magazine

“A personal journey towards the essence of the legendary Django Reinhardt.”

“A modern, groove-based version of some great songs by a trio that puts the originals into the context of today’s music.”
Bebop Spoken Here

“Abbasi revels in seducing fresh lines from melodies we thought we knew so well.”
Jazzwise Magazine

“Abbasi delivers his best playing ever.”
Jazz Guitar Today

“This set features Abbasi’s trio working through multiple implications, interpretations and deconstructions that give the tunes a contemporary, vibrant edge.”
Jazz Views

“A marvellous advertisement for Django Reinhardt’s music… [he] would have loved it.”
Sandy Brown Jazz

“Reinhardt’s tunes are immersed in fresh and compelling contemporaneity.”
AXE Guitar Magazine

“Abbasi delivers his best playing ever.“
Jazz Guitar Today

“From very early on, Abbasi has been able to create his own style and sound in the saturated post-modern jazz topographies.”
All About Jazz

“Abbasi revels in seducing fresh lines from melodies we thought we knew so well.”
Jazzwise Magazine

“Thought-provoking music, worthy of several listens for those with open ears.”
LA Jazz Scene

“Abbasi [offers] a homage that’s captivating and deeply resonant.”

“Fervently free of nostalgia… an appealingly off-kilter charm is generated.”
The New Yorker

“Abbasi does not merely reinterpret the Reinhardt songbook, but brilliantly deconstructs it.”
Chicago Jazz Magazine

“Abbasi keeps one foot in the jazz tradition, but is not locked into it, always looking for new colors to add to the palate.”
Jazz Weekly

“Abassi’s sumptuous tone and emotive interpretation of this classic are beyond compare.”
The Whole Note

“Contemporary yet classic… Abbasi’s playing and Neil Alexander’s electronics nudge the sound into the present day.”
Shepherd Express

“Abbasi’s solos establish him in the world of the grandees of guitar jazz.”

“A work of great intellect and emotion… a great success.”
Le Soufflé Bleu

“A fascinating and original insight into Django Reinhardt’s genius.”
RheinMain Magazine

“Swing and cool groove coming in this impressive interpretation.”
Saarbrücker Zeitung

“This concoction is rather unique, a fresh take blending lesser known Reinhardt tunes with Abbasi’s creative genius.”
O’s Place Jazz Magazine

“A fascinating and original insight into Django Reinhardt’s genius.”
Rhein Main Magazine

“Rarely has such a special appreciation been given as Rez Abbasi on Django-Shift… An intuitive way of approaching compositions is a hallmark of Abbasi’s way of working.”
Image Hifi Magazine

Rez Abbasi-Django-shift
Anniversary Song // Rez Abbasi - Django-shift
  1. Anniversary Song // Rez Abbasi - Django-shift
  2. Swing 42 // Rez Abbasi - Django-shift