02 March 2016

Snake Charmer

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“Abbasi’s adroit soloing and lean, evolving tunes are generated by exceptional reach and a very musical passion.”
– The New York Press

“Abbasi shows a high level of ability in merging the improvisational aspects of both jazz and Indian improvisational forms. Highly recommended!”
– Louisville Music News

“Snake Charmer is quite simply, a breakthrough record, both for Abbasi and for the fusing of jazz and ethnic concerns, with all its elements on clear display yet perfectly assimilated.”
– All About Jazz

“Snake Charmer is one of the best albums of 2005. It certainly makes my list of the years top ten.”
– Jacques Emond (Director Ottawa JazzFestival)

“A fascinating mix of jazz – style improvising and eastern tonalities and rhythms.” Snake Charmer
Stuart Broomer Editor in chief CODA

“I have not uttered the word “WOW” during a new CD track for quite a while but I did during Snake Charmer. Go and get it !!!!”
Mark Robinson George Fm 96.8; New Zealand

“Abbasi continues some of the ground-breaking work of plectrists such as Amancio D’Silva and John McLaughlin on this important work.” Snake Charmer
– Ejazznews

“Impressively articulated, rhythmically captivating and lyrical …the mesmerizing sounds of this latest creative musical matrix is surely Abbasi’s genuine identity.”
– Jazz Improv Magazine

“One of the most adventurous and skillful guitarist from New York City. With Snake Charmer, Rez has exploded with original music which puts him in the same category as John Scofield and Bill Frisell.”

“One of the New York jazz scene’s best-kept secrets..If you are a fan of Shakti, Trilok Gurtu and other world-jazz fusion masters, you will probably be knocked out by this record! ”
– Guitar Player Magazine

“Adventurous writing and hyper-advanced phrasing…Abbasi’s group has a spontaneous, spacious feel and raw attack.”
– Jazz Times

“Invigorating and graceful playing, unpredictable and fascinating compositions… Abbasi is a rarity. ”
– Jazziz

“In some regards, the guitarist and his band offer a post-millenium update on the Mahavishnu Orchestra”
– New York Times

“One of the best examples yet of how to merge Indian music with jazz…Snake Charmer really breaks new ground.”
– Twentieth Century Guitar

“Miraculously, Abbasi gets it exactly right. Out of all the different elements arises a singular and distinctive statement with a wide expressive range on its own determined parameters carried by an abundant technique. Consequently the music convinces and enchants on every level.” Snake Charmer
– All About Jazz

Rez Abbasi-Django-shift
Anniversary Song // Rez Abbasi - Django-shift
  1. Anniversary Song // Rez Abbasi - Django-shift
  2. Swing 42 // Rez Abbasi - Django-shift