What People Say …

“Abbasi sounds like no one who has gone before him. His compositions are sheer genius.”
– AllAboutJazz

“Great music – the writing and playing… and most of all, the concept.”
– David Liebman

“An amazing guitarist…unique and beautiful music – and best of all – very original…I’m really impressed.”
– Pat Metheny

“Graceful, fluid and riviting.. Rez Abbasi is singularly well placed to rivive the East-meets-West conversation that has intrigued so many improvising musicians.”
– Coda Magazine

“Abbasi’s unpredictable phrasing and accomplished writing are what sets him apart from hordes of other technically adept plectorist.”
– Bill Milkowski (Jazztimes, Jazziz, JACO)

“Rez is an extremely talented guitarist and composer…unique and surprising.”
– Peter Erskine

“Abbasi creates a sinuous, sometimes haunting and always evocative blend of contemporary jazz and Asian influences.”
– Time Out (NY)

“Though his chops are indeed impressive, listeners will even more likely be taken with the intricacy and intrigue of his compositions. ”
– Hot House (NY)

“Eye popping, dazzling virtuosity with considerable writting chops.”
– Signal to Noise

“As jazz increasingly admits sounds from around the globe, Abbasi’s efforts rank among the freshest and most compelling. Compositions that stand alone in today’s jazz. ”
– The Ottawa Citizen

“The guitarist has proven himself a composer of skewed and stimulating pieces but don’t fret, his ample chops stand out. ”
– The Village Voice

“His is a graceful approach that, more often than not, comes off without hitch.”
– Global Rhythm

“Rez Abbasi shows an uncanny flair with no catagorical party line. A fresh voice worth hearing.”
– JazzTimes

“A highly talented guitarist and composer deserving major attention.”
– Guitar Player Magazine

Snake Charmer // Snake Charmer
  1. Snake Charmer // Snake Charmer
  2. Pearl // Snake Charmer
  3. Tantra // Snake Charmer
  4. Motherland // Snake Charmer
  5. Kismet // Snake Charmer
  6. Rumi // Snake Charmer
  7. Blood Orange // Snake Charmer
  8. Thanks for Nothingness // Snake Charmer